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Stop fearing vulnerabilities. Reduce risks with MVM.

Managed Vulnerability Management Services

  • Lower risk exposure with the #1 VRM solution
    Manage, execute, and prioritize remediation across your environment with 20 years of vulnerability risk management (VRM) expertise by your side.

  • Develop a mature program, don’t just “check a box”
    Proactively assess risk, stay ahead of threats, and attain full ecosystem visibility. Vulnerability Management (VM) is a core component of your security posture and so much more than a compliance requirement.

  • Think like an adversary, prioritize like a business
    The goal of a vulnerability management program isn’t to fix everything. It is to prioritize what has the biggest impact to reduce risk. We help you figure that out.

Team up with VRM experts

Accelerate remediation with prioritized guidance as well as exposure and risk mitigation advice that optimizes your program’s efficiency via strategic partnership.

Do more than scan and report, build a program

Enact the policies, procedures, and vulnerability management processes to build collaboration across your organization, perform remediations, and measure the impact of your efforts.

Reduce risk, improve your peace of mind

Experts use InsightVM’s leading VRM technology for comprehensive asset discovery, cloud configuration, container assessment, reporting, and more.

Be prepared as new threats emerge

Improve emerging threat response as new vulnerabilities happen. Optimize your risk management with threat intelligence insights and access to the latest CVE checks.

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Key Features of Vulnerability Management Services

  • Internal and external network vulnerability scanning
  • Asset discovery
  • Scan configuration and scheduling by operations analysts
  • Remediation prioritization and guidance
  • Monthly vulnerability reporting
  • Service deployment and onboarding
  • Monthly meeting/readout with dedicated customer advisor
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with your executive stakeholders
  • Access to technology
  • Managed infrastructure maintenance
New vs. Remediated Vulnerabilities

Built on Top of the #1 Vulnerability Management Solution

This isn’t a commodity VM scanner. Thousands of customers trust InsightVM – Rapid7’s industry-leading VRM solution – to gain clarity into their risk exposure, extend security's influence across the organization, and see shared progress with technical teams. And with experts using, guiding, and tailoring the MVM service – or Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) – to your business, you can drive your program forward by leveraging the complete functionality of InsightVM.

Vulnerability Management Services FAQs

  • What is the purpose of vulnerability management services?

    Attack surfaces and the number of bad actors grow in scope and scale every day. You may have a very capable team, but as security vulnerabilities increase, it can be difficult to manage 100% of your exposure to risk. VMaaS can help you offload day-to-day operations to experts who provide the granular focus each vulnerability demands. Vulnerability management and scanning helps extend coverage across your entire attack surface so your program can run more holistically.

  • What goes into a vulnerability management program?

    Every security organization is different. They'll usually adopt the same or similar macro processes for buildout of a VM program, but what makes it entirely unique are the specific business needs that warrant consideration in the program’s workflows.

    It is the job of your team to identify those criteria – or you can partner with our VMaaS experts to help you define them – but typically a VM program should include: complete visibility into your IT environment; tailored reporting for various audiences; risk prioritization; automation of processes across your ecosystem.

  • How does Rapid7 managed vulnerability management work?

    Working with Rapid7 SOC experts, you’ll receive tailored recommendations to manage, execute, and optimize remediation across your environment and lower your overall risk exposure. Your dedicated security advisor will work to understand your environment to deliver the consistency needed to maintain visibility into program activities and deliverables. The benefits of Rapid7 Managed VM include the ability to offload scan operations, leverage threat intelligence, establish repeatable processes, gain full access to InsightVM, and much more.

  • How do you manage vulnerability management?

    Managing vulnerability management program processes requires overseeing the identification, evaluation, treatment, and reporting of vulnerabilities in your environment. This risk-management process is an evolution, as new vulnerabilities are discovered and new systems added to an environment. It’s also an exercise in prioritization as your team goes about measuring the severity level of each vulnerability.

  • What are common methods for managing vulnerabilities?

    Common methods for vulnerability management include:

    • Acceptance – Taking no action to fix or otherwise lessen the likelihood/impact of a vulnerability being exploited. This is typically justified when a vulnerability is deemed a low risk, and the cost of fixing the vulnerability is too great.
    • Mitigation – Lessening the likelihood and/or impact of a vulnerability causing greater exposure to risk and/or exploitation. This is sometimes necessary when a proper fix or patch isn’t yet available, and is ideally used as a temporary fix until remediation can be achieved.
    • Remediation – Fully fixing or patching a vulnerability so it can’t be exploited. If possible, this is the ideal treatment option for any and every vulnerability

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"[Without Rapid7’s Managed VM], I’d estimate we would need at least two additional people, and that would only be staff who could identify what needed to be fixed, not even handling the remediation side."
Andrew Detloff, Manager of Global IT Security - Modine Manufacturing